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“Laurel Kallenbach has a way of painting the picture for readers, bringing them into her stories and making them feel like they’ve been part of an experience.”

— Jamie Martin
Editor in Chief,
Experience Life



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As the average American vacation shortens, more people want to know how to maximize both their free time outdoors and their enjoyment quotient. Many also want a fitness challenge.

Enter the outdoor adventure: dog-sledding, scuba diving, backpacking, back-country skiing. My articles on outdoor adventures have ranged from vision quests to solo excursions to eco-friendly water sports.


Experience Life coverAdrenaline Rush
Experience Life, April 2010

I delved into three thrill-a-minute outdoor adventures: kiteboarding, canyoneering and coasteering. (My coverage was strictly journalistic—I’m too wimpy to try these myself!) I first heard about coasteering on a trip to Wales, where the sport was invented. It combines rock scrambling, cliff jumping and swimming in rocky, coastal areas. Read Article >

Experience Life coverFear & Loathing in the Great Outdoors
Experience Life, October 2004

As the popularity of adrenaline-fueled adventures was rising, my article discussed the flip side: fear. I checked in with a sports psychologist and outdoor enthusiasts to see how they tackle their trepidations while heeding common-sense warnings about pushing too far into the danger zone. Read Article >

Colorado dude ranch articleHappy Trails
Experience Life, July/August 2003

Dude ranches are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, bond with horses and learn how to ride. Even novice horseback riders like me can get comfortable in the saddle within a week—and get a surprising amount of exercise in the process. Read Article >



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