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“I think we’re going in a fabulous direction with these jewelry stories. Thank you so very much!”

— Dani Burke
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Writing good copy for advertisements, brochures, newsletters and websites is surprisingly similar to writing poetry: You have to create powerful mental images with the fewest possible words.

I spent two years in graduate school learning the craft of poetry, and I like sprinkling literary magic into corporate communications.

In addition, I have editing experience in equal measure to creativity. This helps assure that a message is communicated effectively—with the correct spelling and punctuation. I’m happy to jump in at any stage of the creation of all types of promotional communications: from inception to the final touches.


Jewelry adFrench Designer Jewelry Ad Campaign
2010 Print Ad

French Thompson, owner of an Arizona jewelry boutique, selected an image of a dazzling necklace by designer Sydney Lynch for his magazine campaign. My task? To write succinct words equal to the piece’s 18-carat gold, keshi pearls and aquamarine. The necklace reminded me of the night sky, so I chose a celestial vocabulary. Read Ad >

Jewelry adFrench Designer Jewelry Advertisement
November 2008

Designer/owner French Thompson sells one-of-a-kind, museum-quality jewelry at his Scottsdale, Arizona, gallery. Starting in Fall 2008, his print and e-newsletter campaign features tales of romance and intrigue starring a fictional character, Sófi. As the lucky author of these colorful sagas, my challenge is to create compelling copy as sparkling as the gemstones themselves. Read Ad >

Holiday card with mountainsIntrado Holiday Card
December 2002

The Intrado corporation, which provides 9-1-1 operations support systems, located its headquarters in Longmont, Colorado, with spectacular views of Long’s Peak. The company wanted its holiday card to liken the company’s services to the strength and solidity of the Rocky Mountains. I researched inspiring quotations (Victor Hugo’s was chosen for the card cover) and created the inside words. Read Card >

Peace Of Mind black-and-white adPeace of Mind Advertisement
October 2002

A small Boulder company wanted a heart-warming message about its home health-care services. The owner and designer chose this image of an elderly mother’s hands, and I provided the words of assurance to accompany it.
View Ad >

Road signs posterOracle Financials Poster
March 2002

When the Intrado corporation began using Oracle Financials for internal use, company leaders wanted posters and internal communications to dovetail with employee training. Using the metaphor of a “straighter, easier road to success” throughout, I wrote the poster copy and wove the theme into company memos and emails. View Poster >


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