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The food we eat—where it’s grown, how it’s produced and what’s in it—is a hot-button topic worldwide.

I’ve been covering natural and sustainable foods since 1991, and I’m familiar with a broad array of issues, including organic and biodynamic regulations, diets (gluten-free, 100-mile, vegan), local/seasonal foods, community-supported agriculture, humane farm-animal treatment, nutrition, the Slow Food movement, small-scale sustainable farming, eco-friendly kitchens, mindful eating, community/activist gardens, and much more.


Delicious Living cover with pieFragrant Flavors of Singapore
Delicious Living, October 2001

The tiny island of Singapore is a melting pot of the best of Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Indian flavors. For this feature, I adapted recipes from restaurants—along with some secrets from the kitchen of my guide’s mother. Read Article >

Thai Shrimp photoHave Your Fish and Be Healthy Too
Natural Home, May/June 2007

To draw attention to healthy ocean ecosystems, three eco-chefs divulged their best sustainable seafood recipes. I met them at the Cooking For Solutions event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where I directed the photo shoot. The article discusses sustainable fishing and aquaculture plus the health benefits and pitfalls (mercury) of eating fish. Read Article >

Natural Home coverUnderstanding Organic Wine Labels
Natural Home, September/October 2006

My charty guide to various sustainable labels gives reader-friendly information about organic wine and sulfite content. Read Article >

Cooking Up Change photoCooking Up Change
Yoga Journal, December 2002

The "Eating Wisely" section of Yoga Journal features pieces about conscientious—and conscious—ways of eating. This article highlights the Slow Food movement, which emphasizes local and seasonal foods savored at a relaxed pace. Read Article >


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