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“I love your writing and the information you’ve given on the alternative medicine article.”

— Deborahann Smith
Copy Editor,
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Holistic and complementary medicine have been my focus for health writing for years. The philosophy of taking responsibility for your own health makes sense to me—and now scientific research helps people make informed choices about fitness and lifestyle.

Today, we benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach that blends the best of Western physiological knowledge, Chinese medicine, herbalism, and energy and body work.


Natural Solutions CoverRest Assured
Natural Solutions, April 2010

To understand one of the foundations of healthy sleep, you need to look at the foundation of your bed. Researching chemicals in mattresses was challenging because of frequent updates on toxicity studies, but I’m sleeping better now knowing the truth about harmful fire retardants. Read Article >

Have Body, Will Travel pictureHave Body, Will Travel
Experience Life, March 2008

Traveling for business or pleasure can upset the most balanced health regimen. For this article, I asked veteran travelers to share their personal tips for staying motivated to eat right and exercise on the road. Read Article >

News for Healthy Living pageNews for Healthy Living
Alternative Medicine, July/August 2005

Short recaps of scientific findings required scouring health journals and interpreting research data. Then my job was to translate the technical information into understandable summaries. Read Article >

Arthritis articleJoint Resolution
Vegetarian Times, May 1999

Arthritis affects 23 million Americans, but joint inflammation can often be managed with diet, supplements and herbal remedies. I interviewed a naturopathic doctor, chiropractor and medical doctor for this piece. Read Article >


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