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We all want our homes to be beautiful and functional. Today, people are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient and less toxic—without sacrificing aesthetics. (It’s easier now that stores such as Home Depot, IKEA and Target sell green building materials and home furnishings.)

I’m up-to-date on green-home topics as varied as sustainable wood furniture, formaldehyde-free cabinets, bamboo floors, soy-foam insulation, eco-cleaners and recycled-glass dinnerware.


House in snow pictureShaker It Up
Natural Home, November/December 2006

A house doesn’t have to look “earthy” to be green. Inspired by Shaker and Colonial architecture, this upstate New York home incorporates modern, energy-saving technology to create a nontoxic environment with clean indoor air. Read Article >

Architect in house photoCreative Crescendo
Natural Home, September/October 2007

A Colorado architect creates a whimsical mountain home powered by solar energy and incorporating a frame made of recycled Styrofoam. Built with predominantly local materials, the home showcases the Colorado artists’ handiwork. Read Article >

Natural Home blue coverA Weekend Bedroom Makeover
Natural Home, November/December 2003

Can you transform your bedroom into a healthy haven without remodeling? This couple does - by applying earth plaster, eliminating electromagnetic fields and remaking the bed with organic linens. Read Article >


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