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Since I discovered yoga more than a decade ago, I’ve been eager to share some of its body/mind/spirit “secrets.” Some of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever done have been with yoga teachers and everyday practitioners about how yoga and meditation have changed their lives for the better.

Equally, I’ve loved writing about spiritual growth in my assignments for Yoga Journal, Experience Life and other magazines.


Yoga Journal red coverWhy Yoga Works When Diets Often Fail
Yoga Journal, November/December 2000

Because yoga heightens people’s body awareness, a regular practice can help with weight and eating issues. As someone who struggles with body image, I took personal interest in finding out how to use yoga to shed pounds and love your body at any size. Read Article >

Sacred Roads photoSacred Roads
Experience Life, December 2006

Making a pilgrimage often blends physical and spiritual pursuits—perfect for the fitness angle of this magazine. My article highlights real-life stories, including my own in Ireland, of how pilgrimages challenge your stamina while nourishing your soul. Read Article >

Yoga Journal brown coverIn the Mood
Yoga Journal, Source Issue 2001

Every yogi gets stuck in a rut and temporarily loses the desire to practice. My piece offers 17 tips for rekindling the passion for yoga. Read Article >


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